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Once I was cool, now I just…

Skinni Kat

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We have decided to give Skinni Kat its own page.

You can email at or look at the website (

Or Twitter, too. Instagram, as well. But not always up to date.


We have all sorts of Street Wear clothes designed by Skinni Kat. Here’s an example, a hoodie with Red Shoes Unno.

If you want to see more Street Wear, click on ‘Products‘ from our Main Menu or here:

Here are some more Kat pictures.


This black and white Skinni Kat is from a design called “I Control The Kittens.” You can see the original design farther down in this series.

Pretty scary!

At Night I Am Free

It’s the lights, it’s the hustle and bustle. Tokyo at night.

Too many drivers!

It’s A Dream

If you have ever seen the excitement, perhaps you too thought you could do it?

Jump jump jump!

I Control The Kittens

Okay, so the Kat is a maniac and can do all sorts of strange things. But this latest antic looks like fun, leading all those Kittens down Mt. Fuji, looking for mischief.


Nice teeth!

We Are Banned

This is a New Japan Pro-Wrestling tribute. Ahem, we tried, they said no. We cried, they laughed.

Poor referee Red Shoes Unno!

A Monument

To friends…

Okay, we will add more later!


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