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Once I was cool, now I just…

Lil Elfie

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Yes! You have found Lil Elfie!

You may have come here from, which has a few pictures or

So we are glad you found this page, and if you like what you see, we offer Lil Elfie Street Wear clothing (T shirts, hoodies, beanies, etc.) on Coolordrool.

Like this one, for example:


Pretty cool? Lil Elfie’s looking pretty ugly to us! Angry guy! This is just a phase, and he’ll pipe down later.

This is a hoodie with the Elf in the hoodie liner as well as embroidered, in grey thread, the words in cursive ‘Lil Elfie’ on the front left chest side. We also have a version with the Elf across the back!

Just go to the Menu, and click the link ‘Products‘ or here:

It will list many products for Adults, Children and Infants (Onesie!) and we use Shopify for the checkout.

We thank you very much!

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Camo and Nature

Lil Elfie in Nature

New Lil Elfie animation

This is a loop on Lil Elfie’s Facebook page of raindrops and leaves. A winking Lil Elfie.

Chased by Great White Shark

Chomp chomp chomp.

Showing off with dagger


Fast hands

Uh, you have to imagine the hands moving.

Raises the dagger

Loves some drama.

Looks pretty cool with dagger? Hm.

Not a smart thing to do with lightning in the sky.



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