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Once I was cool, now I just…

Coolordrool’s First Blog!

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This is our very first Blog. We are Coolordrool and just started the website in May/June 2019. Coolordrool is a place for you to vote Cool, Meh, or Drool on many things. It’s a simple system (like a game) that was started for our partner website,, for reviewing movies. Nothing of the complicated mathematics, such as I consider you a friend, good at 87% or something like that. We just say, Cool, Meh, or Drool. Did you like the movie Godzilla, for example? It was Cool. See, easy? No Maff, no percentages.

So you can vote send your vote to friends in your social media network using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

We are also planning to add REWARDS to the Coolordrool Game (Voting). This will be depending on your participation in voting, posting, etc., and give you points or some monetary reward. But still working on others things first…

So, what else can you do on Coolordrool? We are setting up a system for Shopping and will be encouraging Vendors to sign up.

You can also get your own Page and post photographs, share these with friends, etc. Again, we want to figure out a system that rewards you for posting. It’s only fair.

If you have anything you’d like us to cover, please send us a note using our Contact Form.

We hope you stick around and participate in the Coolordrool game!

Thank you!


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