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Once I was cool, now I just…

Dead Girl Coffee

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So, this — Dead Girl Coffee — might be a little ‘out there’ for most of you. We get it, no problem. Something for everyone doesn’t define us.

And, thus, here’s a little (lil) backstory:

If you’ve ever — ever — been to a coffee shop, you may have noticed that it’s a different culture. Right? In places such as the United States, there was such as thing as the ‘Goth’ culture. Very moody times for moody teenagers. Angst and all. Existential doubt. Good luck to you if this is you, now.

The story of ‘Dead Girl’ is that she is just that. A Goth girl. She is the reluctant owner of a coffee shop which has virtually no business (and lousy service) but as it became trendy among the Elite of Hollywood and Politics to die there when all else falls apart. You see, it is a spoof of the coffee and modern culture.

(If you quit reading now, no problem.)

Those of you who keep reading (including the one who is typing) can identify with the Goth culture. Yes, funny hair and funny shoes. Sigh… what is life and school and all the stuff about and why do I have to get up in the morning and I hate school and everyone’s stupid face.

Er, sorry about that tangent.

Back to Dead Girl Coffee: And so this was once unique but like every other movement (Hipsters?!?) people pretty much start looking the same and cuing up in the same lines. Sigh.

Next door to Dead Girl Coffee is Nice Medusa Coffee. This is run by the CEO named Oleg who was once dashing and romantic but gave way to the ‘Corporate Way’. He reflects on betraying his earlier self and sees Dead Girl Coffee as the way his Nice Medusa should have been. No Intercoms on Baristas so they look like they are in the Control Tower landing 747 Jets. Bad Service. Goth. Moody.

There’s a Nice Medusa on every corner, so not bad…

If you are a moody person who can relate, perhaps you would like Dead Girl Coffee Street Wear? It’s here! Yes, in the ‘Products’ link on the Menu or here at

Maybe you like it, more likely you don’t (yes, it is lame), so Vote Coolordrool. Please.

One more thing, the Video is in English and way too fast.

The Video will be redone, someday, with Voice and Color added.

Later, gator.

Coolordrool Dead Girl Coffee
Dead Girl Coffee Part 1
Dead Girl Coffee Part 2
Dead Girl Coffee Part 3

Thanks for watching!

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