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Bitey Sharks

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We will be posting more from a feature-length story called the Bitey Sharks.

It tells the story of Tuffy, Ratty, Choocky, and Wugga, shark pals who learn of pizza. Have no idea what it is but it’s very intriguing. No chance, though, obviously, being sharks, it’s not on the menu.

However, things change when they are being eavesdropped by an outsider, a dolphin named Flippi. Flippi knows a lot of stuff, being a former performer in an aquatic show, but having made an escape, is hiding out in the ocean.

Flippi has no friends, until… maybe the Bitey Sharks will take her in?

No chance! C’mon, these are sharks! They hate dolphins!

But Flippi knows something about pizza and suddenly attacking Flippi may not be the best idea. They want to hear her plan.

We hope you enjoy these few pictures.

The Bitey Sharks hang out

We meet Ratti, Tuffy, Choocky, and Wugga

Flippi eavesdrops on the Bitey Sharks

Flippi learns she’s about to be attacked

But they listen to her instead

More to come!

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