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Once I was cool, now I just…


We are glad that you have found Coolordrool!

You may have found us from Facebook and one of the accounts that points here (for example,,,, or

Well, Coolordrool was started in May 2019. So we are pretty new.

This is mostly an Entertainment website as we present Animations from various artists.

That’s not all!

We are also the exclusive place for Street Wear products, clothing from Skinni Kat, Lil Elfie and Dead Girl Coffee.

If you like to purchase Skinni Kat, Lil Elfie or Dead Girl Coffee merchandise, like T-shirts, hoodies and such — our street wear — please click on the Products link in the menu.

Be sure to click on ‘Load More‘ to bring up all of the images!

It will take you to the product catalog and then Shopify for the checkout.

We can ship clothes pretty much anywhere in the world and the home base for clothing is Los Angeles, California, USA.

Here is something that we can’t show in the Products listings, and that is our extra ‘somethings’ that set our brands apart and may make you extra cool.

Our tags are woven labels, with our Black Flying Kitten from Coolordrool, sewn on every product (whether Lil Elfie, Skinni Kat, Dead Girl Coffee…) we ship (usually on the left sleeve, left hem).

This Black Flying Kitten is also on the Tag (that annoying thing inside the shirt that gives information about who made it). Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s a picture of what we mean:

What else?

We work to add new information, art, music and videos as we can. If you feel like it, you may offer your opinion about something (“Do you think this or that is Cool, Meh, or Drool?”).

We also have a link to free Arcade video games.

There’s other stuff and we add where we can.

We have a ‘rudimentary’ system set up to Reward you for being here, voting on things, etc. It’s our Coolordrool Coin Rewards system. Once it improves, it will tally your participation, and you will get money, coins, discounts from the vendors. Like a Co-op? It is a Co-op.

So please stay tuned and tell your friends.

To do that, we have our Social Media link (Members, User). If you sign up, you will see the first Coins come your way! (That’s into your account.)


Team Coolordrool

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